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The Stroke of Freedom - Importance of Swimming


Tiwa, a former competitive swimmer, had lost her passion for the sport after a devastating injury. She felt trapped in her own body, unable to move with the same grace and speed she once had.

One day, while watching a group of children learning to swim, Tiwa saw herself in them – the fear, the struggle, the desire to give up. But as she observed their instructor, a kind and patient woman named Ella, she realized that swimming wasn't just about technique, but about freedom.

Coach Ella encouraged Tiwa to get back in the water, not to compete, but to connect with her body and find joy in the movement. At first, it was tough, but with each stroke, Tiwa felt her fears and doubts dissolving.

As she swam, she remembered the thrill of weightlessness, the rush of adrenaline, and the sense of accomplishment. She realized that swimming wasn't just a sport, but a lifesaving skill that could empower her and others.


The Lesson

Tiwa’s story teaches us the importance of swimming as a skill that can transform lives. By learning to swim, we can gain confidence, develop a lifelong appreciation for physical activity, and most importantly, acquire a skill that could save our lives or the lives of others.


The Moral

Just as Tiwa found freedom in the water, swimming can set us free in countless ways. It's a skill that can open doors to new experiences, improve our health and wellbeing, and empower us to make a difference in our communities. So, let's embrace the importance of swimming and make it a lifelong journey of discovery and growth.

We are always here to hold your hand through the journey from the beginners stage to intermediate and advanced level.

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