Swim lessons are 30 minutes long occurring at least once per week.

If a swim lesson falls on a holiday lesson, your tuition will be prorated accordingly. For all age and skill levels, we offer:

Group Lesson Pricing

  • Toddler & School Age Swim Lessons:

₦ 50,000 (8 lessons)

  • Parent & Tot Swim Lessons:  

₦ 75,000 (8 lessons)

  • Adult Swim Lessons:

₦ 65,000 (10 lessons)

  • Aqua Aerobics Class: 

₦ 15,000 per class (4 lessons)

Private Lesson Pricing

  • Adult Private Lessons: 

₦ 20,000 per class

  • Child Private Lessons:

₦ 15,000 per class ​

Please use the schedule below to find the best day/time for your family. If you do not see any classes that fit your schedule, please contact us +2348022228642 for additional assistance. 


+2348141376922  (WhatsApp Only)  


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The objective of this level is to guide your child through any anxieties they may have and to create a level of comfort in the water.

Parents & Tots

Parents & Tots Swim Lessons are a wonderful bonding experience for both parent and child, teaching gentle immersion techniques and beginner water safety techniques. Register for a swim evaluation today!

Guppies Level 1 -2

Guppies Level 3


School Age Swim Lessons are specifically designed for school age swimmers of all abilities. Swimmers in this level will master introductory water safety skills and beginner stroke techniques.

Starfish Levels 4 -5 

Goldfish Levels 1 & 2

Goldfish Level 1 & 2 Swim Lessons are designed for school age swimmers with no prior swimming experience. Swimmers will learn beginner water safety and swim techniques. 

Swimmers must be able to participate without the assistance of a parent or caregiver and will be placed in a class with children of similar ages.

Goldfish Levels 3

Goldfish Level 3 Swim Lessons build on the skills  swimmers have gained in Guppies Levels 1 & 2, learning intermediate water safety  and  introductory swimming skills.

Intermediate Swim Lessons

Intermediate Swim Lessons help swimmers build on their beginner swimming and water safety skills, and introduce them to individual stroke techniques. Swimmers in this level will become proficient intermediate swimmers.

Level 6 -7 Dolphins

Level 8 Sharks

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Swim Lessons help adults of all abilities become comfortable and water safer in and around the water. 


Swim Lessons

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